Creative Suburb

The creative suburb is a provocation: a series of new building and urban designs available for innovators operating in new suburban greenfield situations in Queensland, Australia. The creative suburb drew on significant primary research with suburban home-based creative industries workers, vernacular architecture, and town planning in the Toowoomba region, and comprised construction of a new, progressive prototype ‘homeworkhouse’ in Clifton, Queensland.

The creative suburb included production of a book featuring building concept plans and urban designs for a creative suburb made up entirely of “homeworkhouses” especially designed for creative work, as well as a short video explaining the prototype building.

The creative suburb has a simple message: we should be providing for micro-small mixed-use and business everywhere.

“Flexibility is the new sustainability”

The creative suburb eBook

Purchase a PDF eBook of “The creative suburb” book.

Featuring building concept plans and urban designs for a creative suburb.​

The creative suburb research

building and urban designs for suburban innovators

is the product of Malcolm’s Doctor of Creative Industries (Research) at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) (2016). The ‘thesis’ was a first for QUT: along with traditional approaches to research, it involved production of a book and a building prototype.

The creative suburb SDP conference paper (2015)

The creative suburb is a practice-led, action research project, which emerged from the authors’ 27 years of professional practice

Sustainable Development and Planning Journal article (2016)

The creative suburb includes a book, a building, and an exegesis. The book and building are ‘creative’ outputs; the exegesis, the ‘critical’ output

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